Welcome to Hmlegacy Leggings!

Hi there, I don't know about you but 2020 has been the worst and best horror movie I've ever seen. We have all had to quarantine, lose jobs, work from home and don't forget about Homeschooling our kids. So coming up with a new income stream, was the smartest option.  So.... after some consideration we decided to go into business for ourselves.  

Since Leggings and comfy pants are our world and we spend most of the day in them or looking forward to putting them on, opening a leggings store was a no brainer.  

Welcome to the shop.  After a thorough process of vetting products (coming from warehouses in the States)  We have awesome products and great prices, have a look around and see if anything tickles your "Buy now" finger. 

Hmlegacy Leggings